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CreaDMG is an application for archiving files into virtual disk images. It has many features: for example you can choose different image formats and options for compression, write protection and encryption. CreaDMG is a frontend for the shell tool hdiutil, a part of Mac OS X itself. CreaDMG is easy to be used, it supports drag and drop and it gives a nice log feedback for the unix savvy user.
CreaDMG is freeware and opensource. Everyone is welcome to use, copy, modify and share this software or its source code.

CreaDMG e' un'applicazione per Mac OS X versione 10.3 o successive che consente di archiviare dati creando file immagine disco partendo da file, cartelle o volumi locali. E' possibile modificare diverse opzioni di compressione, archiviazione e protezione. CreaDMG e' un frontend dell'applicazione Unix hdiutil, installata di default in Mac OS X.
CreaDMG e' un'applicazione freeware e opensource. Potete scaricarla, modificarla, eseguirla, distribuirla o venderla liberamente.


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